Sunday, March 7, 2010

Greg's Honeymoon Project

I love those names spelled from pictures you see out there. My friends, Kelly & Austin, have one, and my friend Michelle just bought her husband one for Valentines Day. Greg and I decided to buy these for our parents and give to them the night before our wedding. That night, our minister, Rev. Charles Ruehl, recommended we try to create our own with pictures from our Honeymoon. What a great idea and great memory from our trip!

Greg did such a great job with this little project. We enjoyed finding different letters throughout our time in Costa Rica. is the finished product! I think we did a pretty good job!!

Getting Primed for Spring Time

Just in time for the weather to warm up, Greg & I bought some patio furniture for our covered porch (my favorite part of our house). Greg was a great hubby and put it together for me last Sunday. Here he is working ever so hard.

Vegas enjoyed the afternoon in the backyard with us
And the finished product!! We're looking forward to enjoying some cool evenings (Haha!) on the porch. Please come visit us so we can sit outside and enjoy it!!

Super Bowl Sunday

As I attempt to catch up on my blogging, I will revert back to early February. Greg & I decided to invite some good friends over to watch the Super Bowl. Since our house is still pretty new, we thought this was a great way to show our friends the new casa. A great time was had by everyone. Thanks everyone for coming by to join in the festivities!!

This was my attempt at a football cake. Aren't I getting so domestic in my old married days :-)

The Smith Brothers

Prissy & the Townsend's (Kelly was one of the lucky square winners)

Jeff & Michelle all "Football'ed out"

Although Claire didn't know much about football, she made many friends by the end of the night...I think almost everyone got a colored picture to take home with them!

Simply Smith

The Mr. & Mrs.


Miss Prissy

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