Monday, April 5, 2010

Girls (and little baby boy) night!

Well, here I go on a blogging binge again...

This past week, my high school friend, Angela, made a visit to Spring for Easter. We finally found some time to get together for some good girl talk and to play with her handsome new baby boy, Jack! And I have to say...WHAT A CUTIE!! He was so good and tolerated being handed around between all of us while we caught up.

Here is a close up of Mr. Handsome, himself!

Mr. B came to visit too. Here he is with his mama! You can tell he was pooped from playing with his friends, Prissy & Vegas :-)

I had such a good time holding the little guy. Thank you so much Angela for coming by and sharing your beautiful baby boy!


Sharon said...

Better be careful or you're going to catch baby fever!

Simply Smith

The Mr. & Mrs.


Miss Prissy

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