Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday Greg & I spent the day in the kitchen (and at the grill) cooking up a small feast for my family. It was nice to honor Mom & Jill on this special day for everything they do for us! I am so lucky to have a Mother & Sister (who is also a fabulous mother) that I can call my best friends! The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed it on our new back patio (details to come in a future blog).

Here's Uncle Greg with his favorite girls!

And here's the McAdams' girls. You know, we have always been told we look alike. Jill and I have even been mistaken as twins, but I just never have really seen it. But something about this picture makes me see how much we DO look alike. You can really see our "Taylor eyes" :-) I couldn't be more proud to look like these two beautiful women!

Here's one of all the girls...we couldn't leave out the little ones! Notice that Kate wasn't really into the pictures. She was too busy keeping an eye on Mr. Vegas. She's not quite as keen on him as her sister.



Simply Smith

The Mr. & Mrs.


Miss Prissy

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