Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Challenge- Days 1 & 2 Favorite Gift & Favorite Holiday Tradition

I'm once again playing catch up...but I'm happy to linking up with Neely Amber for their Fabulous Holiday Challenge. I'll just be combining days 1 & 2 :)

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

I have to say that Santa has been pretty good to me over the years, but my favorite, most memorable gift was the board game Mall Madness. I remember a gift showing up under our tree a few days before Christmas. Apparently, Santa was having a hard time making this gift and one of his Elf's had to help track it down. I can remember playing that game for hours and giggling like crazy when the funny voice would say "There's a sale at the Kitchen Store". I think I found it particularly cool because you got to use credit cards. How naive I was ;-)

As for my favorite holiday traditions...I'd have to say that they have changed since I became a Mrs. As a child, my favorite tradition was getting to open one gift from Mom & Dad on Christmas Eve and then heading off to church in our Christmas finest. The gift was usual pajamas or something we could wear to church that night. I loved coming home after church and watching the "Santa report" on the nightly news and then snuggling in my warm cozy bed.

Now that I am also a part of Greg's family, and we have our own home, traditions have changed somewhat. Although I still look forward to Christmas Eve service no matter where we are (we even went one year in NYC!), I would say that my favorite tradition with my family is the adult gift exchange. Once my first niece was born, we decided to draw names between the adults and just spoil the kiddos.

With Greg's family, my favorite holiday tradition is the egg nog. Although me & his stepdad, Bob are the only ones that like it, it's still amazing! Bob sure knows how to doctor it up and make it yummy! So, I always look forward to an eggnog surprise when we go to their house and then our gift exchange in the morning.



Lindsay said...

I used to have Mall Madness too! And I played it ALL the time!

The Bases said...

Mall Madness was great!!!

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