Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rock-a-Bye Baby

This past Saturday, we had a Rock-n-Roll baby shower for my best friend, Liz, and her soon-to-be-arriving little girl, Adelina! Liz has always been the life of the party and has been known to put on a "hair brush concert" at any given moment, so what better theme than "Rock-a-Bye Baby". I shared the hosting duties with our friend, Kelly, and two other friend of Liz's, Korista & Ashley. All the ladies enjoyed a big spread of appetizers and some wine & champagne cocktails. Liz received all kinds of goodies for Miss Lina, including her very own "vintage" New Kids on the Block onesie! Liz has always been their biggest fan (she & I even saw them on their most recent reunion tour!), so I knew the obsession needed to be passed down. I love Liz like a sister and cannot wait to meet her first born!!

The Beautiful Mommy-to-Be

Me & my Bestie!

Jill, Linda & Mom

Champange Cocktail Bar



The Bases said...

This was a super cute idea! That NKOTB onsie is so awesome! Where did you find that?!? I saw them on their reunion tour too! You got the right stuff, baby!!! :)

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