Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge- Day 8

Today, I'm once again linking up with Neely and Amber for their Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge.  The topic for today is My Holiday Wish List. 

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Okay, okay, I know I totally do not need any of this, but it's still fun to dream :)

I'm in love with this initial cut-out necklace!  Ever since I saw it on my aesthetician at the spa, I have been eyeing it.  So pretty and so classic!  I hope Greg has mine on order!

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Since I'm now the proud owner of an SLR camera, I need a fabulous camera bag to tote it around in.  This bag from Kelly Moore is just that...FABULOUS!  I love it because it looks like a purse and you won't be mistaken for a silly tourist.

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I bought some brown riding boots earlier this season and have worn them like crazy.  I think it's now time to invest in (or let Santa bring me) some black ones too.  These by Arturo Chiang have the perfect little wedge heel and buckle detail!

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 I currently have a pair of giraffe print ballet flats but they are getting pretty worn looking.  I found these little puppies on Zappos and think they would be the perfect replacements.  Love the leather knot detail!!

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What's on your Christmas list this year? 



The Bases said...

That is a super cute camera bag!! I want a DSLR camera!!

The Bases said...

Ok I am back! I am giving you the Liebster Blog Award because you were one of my first "blog" friends even though I know you in real life! Go check out the post on my blog!

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