Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

Well, Sunday night has once again come too quick.  Greg and I did have a great weekend though.  We started out with a relaxing Friday night and Saturday morning.  Greg took a golf lesson with a family friend of ours who is a golf pro and new to the area (let us know if you need to improve your game!).  I caught up on grocery shopping, laundry and the rest of the usual weekend chores.  

Then the fun started!  My sister, Jill, and her husband, Tommy, had a mini-vacation in NYC and the nieces had been staying at my parents'.  So, Greg & I offered to keep them for this last night, partially to give Granna & Granddad a night of reprieve, but mostly because we love keeping them!  We started out the evening by going out for pizza.  We enjoyed the beautiful spring-like weather by catching a mini music festival while we waited for our table.  

This morning, we got up and headed to the Houston Zoo to take advantage of the gorgeous day and see some animals.  The girls loved the zoo and were completely pooped out by the end of the day.  We are so lucky to live in a city with a great venue like the Houston Zoo.  And boy has it changed since I had been there over 20 years ago!!  Greg & Kate both enjoyed their first visit!

Checking out the elephants with Uncle Greg
Our Monkey Kate watching the real monkeys

Kate taking a quick rest with Uncle Greg
My two favorite monkeys
Aunt Lin & her girls watching the sea lions
The Petting Zoo
The elephants even got up close and personal!!
Claire posing in front of the giraffes

What a GREAT day at the Zoo!!


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