Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games

I kicked off this weekend with and early showing of The Hunger Games!


My sister-in-law, Laura, and I caught the early "old peoples" showing of it on Saturday.  And it did not disappoint.  I will try not to have any spoilers in here for those of you who have not read the book (although I highly recommend it).  Here are a few of my favorite parts and comments on the movie in general.

The casting was impeccable!  Stanley Tucci and Woody Harrelson were perfect  choices for those characters!  I went into the movie very skeptical of Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna, but I think he did a great job! 

The Reaping scene was very well done!  I think the screenwriters were smart to leave out the part where Haymitch falls off the stage.  It really kept the somberness of the scene.


I loved the costuming for the Capitol people!  The bright colors and off-the-wall fashions were so key catching!  But, let's hope that is not the way we're heading to as a society ;-)  Very Lady GaGa-esque!


There were a few parts where I got emotional... 1)  The Reaping (I mean, who wouldn't?), 2)  One word...Rue (so sweet when Katniss places the flowers around her, 3)  Katniss & Peeta in the cave (Just a beautiful representation of love...even if they were "faking").

For the record, I'm Team Peeta!


So if you haven't had a chance, go see it!  I think it's a great movie even for those who have not read the book.  I'm not one for sci-fi, but I truly enjoyed every second!


Kristy Goldman said...

I liked the book and am looking forward to seeing the movie! So glad it is getting good reviews!

The Bases said...

I am feeling very mixed on this! I didn't like the small changes... Haymitch not being at the Reeping, the mockingjay pin changes. It just didn't seem right! I wish we had more character development of Haymitch, Cinna, and Effie. All in all, it was very good and she was perfect as Katniss, but I didn't leave thrilled. And I feel bad for that!

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