Friday, April 6, 2012

On this Good Friday

Happy Easter weekend everyone!  

As most of you are home today, I am at work, but not forgetting about the true meaning of Good Friday.  It's not about egg hunts and chocolate bunnies (although those both make me smile like a little kid).  Today, I am focusing on not being selfish and on being a better follower of Jesus Christ.  Right now, there parts of my life that I beg to change.  I pray every day for my Savior to bless my family with these changes.  And even though its hard not to think that He's not listening to my prayers, I know He is and that He DOES have a plan.  Today I reflect on Jesus and how He gave his life for us.  I am remembering that He is forgiving of our sins and has blessed me & Greg with so much more than we ever deserve.  Today I am saying a special prayer for those of you out there that are having these same struggles.  So during this Easter weekend, I am vowing to focus on the good in our lives and not the "wants".  

I wish you all a Happy Easter and hope that you remember the reason behind our celebrations on Sunday.  Greg & I will be attending a special church service and then enjoying the afternoon with our family.  We are especially excited to see Easter through the eyes of our nieces, Claire & Kate :-)  No matter what, those two angels can always make me smile!


Anonymous said...

Very true Lindsey. Sometimes we do get caught up in the "wants" and should focus on all that we are blessed with. Have wonderful Easter with your family. Elaine

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