Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back to the Beach

Last weekend, Greg and I got to spend a long weekend at Galveston's Pirate's Beach with some of our best friends!  A few months back, we attended a local benefit where Greg and his friend, Brandon, bid together on a beach house for a week.  Well, good news was that they won the house, and even better news is that we spent time last weekend enjoying their winnings!

We got there on Sunday evening with a few others who could make it out early.  Well, actually, I was chaperoning Greg and a few of his guy friends the first night.  The guys were well behaved so I was able to crawl in bed early and let them play washers in to the wee hours of the morning :-)

our beautiful home for the weekend   

Me catching up on my beach reading, the guys on the first night, Terrence practicing his best "surfer" pose

We spent of Thursday and Friday relaxing at the beach and catching a few waves.  Some of the guys even tried to surf!  It was fabulous to have a couple days off of work, just soaking in some rays.

Dinner on deck Thursday night

The rest of the group made it down either on Friday evening or first thing Saturday morning!  It was a blast having everyone down at the beach together on Saturday.  And I found out I'm actually pretty good at playing horse shoes!  Woo hoo!

And finally, on Saturday night, we all headed out for a nice dinner at the legendary Galveston restaurant, Gaido's!  

The dinner was amazing and the company was even better!  I'm not sure if we were delirious or just a little water logged, but I have never laughed more in my life!  I think it was a night we'll all remember for a long time!

Thank you everyone for joining us at the beach!  We enjoyed ever second!


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That looks like a fun time at the beach!

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