Monday, August 27, 2012

Four Month Update!!

Hey guys!  Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  And for all the teachers out there, and parents of school kiddos, I hope you've kicked off the school year off with a bang!  I don't know if its the pregnancy hormones or my maternal instinct already kicking in, but I have really enjoyed the "new school year buzz" lately!  Our oldest niece started kindergarten and we are so excited for her to be in "big" school!  I even let the preggo hormones get the best of me and shed a few tears when she got her teacher assignment.  I mean, she's still kind of my baby, right?

I'm well into my second tri-mester now and man, I have to tell you that it's a GREAT feeling!  I thought I'd give you all a quick update on how things are going in Baby Smith's world...

How far along -  16 weeks, 3 days
Size -  Baby Smith is about the size of an avocado...about 4.5 inches long.  I picked up an avocado at the store on Sunday and showed Greg.  We both couldn't believe our little Coconut has gotten so big over the last few weeks!

Maternity clothes - Gradually moving into maternity pants for sure.  The "belly bands" just aren't cutting it any more and the maternity pants are a heck of a lot more comfortable!  So why suffer?  I'm all about being comfortable these days!

Weight gain -At my doctors appointment last week, I had gained a total of 6 lbs.  The doc says this is normal, but it's so hard to see that number go up when you don't quite look pregnant.  I'm hoping to "pop" soon so I can get past this "is she fat or is she pregnant" stage.  Now that I feel like I'm getting my energy back, I'm really trying to fit in some sort of a work out every afternoon, so I can keep the weight gain at bay.

Stretch marks - So far, so good...I've been pretty religious with the cocoa butter, but I hear they're more genetic than anything.

Sleep -I'm definitely ready for bed every night and not having trouble falling asleep, but I am still waking up at least once to use the restroom.  And I almost always wake up before the alarm goes off...ugh!  I am trying to teach myself to sleep on my side since I'm such a stomach sleeper.  And let me tell's not working out well.  I think I'm going to have to cave and buy one of those preggo sleep pillows.

Movement -Not yet, but word on the street is that I should start feeling "bubbles" in the next couple weeks.  I'm definitely on alert for them!

Food I'm loving - BEEF!  Pretty much in any way, shape, or form.  I've had quite the sweet tooth, but not chocolate like I typically enjoy.  I always want sugary candy...Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, you name it!  I can hardly check out at Michael's or Hobby Lobby without buying a package of candy.  I mean, everyone goes to the craft store to feed their candy habit, right?

Food I'm hating - Not much.  Chicken isn't my favorite, but my aversion was much worse during the first tri.  

Symptoms - I have been very lucky to have minimal symptoms.  Sometimes, other than the regular ole bloat, I don't even feel necessarily pregnant.  I have started to have a lot of tightening across my lower belly; especially when I workout.

Gender - We find out in exactly 2 weeks!  And I seriously am like a kid waiting on Santa Clause!  I'm thinking I need to make a countdown calendar to mark off every day.  Who am I kidding?  I've got a countdown app on my iPhone...hee hee!  I'm a dork!

What I'm looking forward to - A bunch of things!  The gender ultrasound, for sure!  Also, I'm looking forward to sharing the names we've narrowed it down to.  And finally, I'm so looking forward to starting the nursery :-)

What I miss - Lunch meat and running.  I am not a Subway person, but the Subway commercials look sooo good!!

Emotions - I'm totally emotional!  I cry over everything from "Say Yes to the Dress" to my niece going to kindergarten (see above).
So, as I mentioned above, we get to find out the gender in two weeks on Greg's Birthday!  We have some big plans in store for that day and I promise to share as soon as it all goes down.  
Until then, I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!  We have plans to spend it with my family at the lake.  I can't wait for our last summer hoo-rah as a kidless couple!


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