Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Half Way There!!

Well, this week marks the half way point to parenthood!  Wow!  I cannot believe we're already halfway through this pregnancy.  The first trimester was so slow...then while we waited to find out the gender, time drug on even more.  But now that we know that our baby is a BOY, time seems to be flying by! 

Excuse the tired look on my face...almost forgot to take the picture until late at night!

How far along -  20 weeks, 3 days
Size -  Baby Smith is about the weight of a mango and the length of a banana...about 10 inches long.  It's hard to believe he's more than doubled in size in a month.
Maternity clothes - Definitely in all maternity pants!  There are still a few pre-pregnancy shirts I can incorporate into the wardrobe, but I've been wearing more and more maternity shirts.  Greg laughs because I've been digging into his t-shirts to sleep in at night.  They're just much more comfy!

Weight gain - At 18 weeks, the doctor's scale says I'd gained 9 lbs.  Mine says a few more, but I'll take hers :-)
Stretch marks - Looking good so far! 

Sleep - Well, the good news is that the 2am bathroom breaks have subsided.  Bad news is that I'm having trouble sleeping on my side.  I did buy a "pregnancy wedge" this past weekend, so that has been a big help!

Movement - YES!  I love feeling that little guy do flips in there!  It's a bazaar feeling, but I look forward to feeling those "bubbles" on a daily basis.  I feel him a lot more at night when I lay down to go to sleep.

Food I'm loving - I'm still a fan of beef, but I have been adding in more chicken now that the aversion has subsided.  Bad news is that I'm having a hard time passing up the Halloween candy.  Oops!

Food I'm hating - I really haven't been too picky lately.

Symptoms -Feeling great!  I have been getting sharp ligament pains in my belly, but those are good...means he's growing!

Gender - IT'S A BOY!!  I'm so happy to know about our little guy and look forward to planning his nursery!

What I'm looking forward to - Picking out the bedding for Little Man's nursery!  I've started to plan and hopefully will order it within the week.  Good news is that he'll have a place to sleep.  His furniture is officially on order!

What I miss - Not really missing much these days.  I still wish I could do a regular work out, but I'm managing to adapt to at least burn a few calories.

Emotions -I have to say they are a little more in check...BUT...I did have a good cry during "What to Expect when You're Expecting".  Yes, I know it's supposed to be a comedy, but there should honestly be a warning label for pregnant women.  Go rent it and you'll see what I mean :-)

All in all, month 4 was a great one!  A lot happened and now there is so much to look forward to as we plan plan plan for our little guy's arrival and enjoy some cooler weather around here!

Monday, September 24, 2012

T-Bone & X-tina Tie the Knot

Last weekend, Greg's best friend, Terrence, married Kristina!!  We all LOVE Kristina and are so happy Terrence was smart enough to make her his wife ;-)

Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous!  Kristina thought of every detail!  She should really go into the wedding planning business.  Greg served as the best man and looked so handsome in his tux (I'm not partial or anything...).

Greg & Meredith coming down the aisle

Terrence dipping his new wife for their first cute!!

The reception was not only gorgeous, it was beyond fun!  We were serenaded by a mariachi band during dinner (representing Kristina's Latin heritage), the dj played great music, we danced our buns off, and the matron of honor, Meredith, even rapped her toast!  It was fabulous!  Only Meredith could have pulled it off and she did amazing!  I know she's going to become a viral YouTube sensation.

Me & my Best Man

All the details...and check out that Grooms Cake!!

The Happy new couple

Our Family!
They had a photo booth at the wedding which turned out to be quite a hit! Some of the props made their way out on to the dance floor!  You can tell it was quite the party!

Here Kitty Kitty!
Kristina & Terrence, we enjoyed your big day and are so happy for you both!  Hope you had fun in the Bahamas!  We love you!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Greg, for your Birthday, you're getting a Baby...

Happy Monday!!  Yes, I know it's Monday, but it has been the best Monday I've had in a LONG time!  Greg turned 31 today, but we started celebrating on Friday.  Our 18 week ultrasound was scheduled for this morning so I knew he would be kind of sharing his day with me and Baby Smith, so I start "spoiling" him on Friday.  I got off work early on Friday and came home and cooked him a yummy southern meal.  I tried out a new Pinterest recipe for Crawfish Bread!  It was very good and super rich!  

After dinner, I treated Greg to a movie night!  We don't go to the movies often, so this was pretty special.  We went to see "Obama's America: 2016".  I'm not a very politically driven person (unlike my dear husband), but I do not care what side of the election you are on, this movie is a great documentary and worth going to see.  You might be like me and learn something new!

Starting on Friday morning, I gave Greg a small present each day.  First a Brita filtered water bottle, then a State Traditions Texas baseball cap, and finally a new wallet.  Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the presents and my wrapping jobs.  His big present was saved for his actual birthday today!

So, today, on Greg's actual birthday, we got up early for our BIG ultrasound!  We planned ahead of time to keep the gender a secret from ourselves until we celebrated at dinner that night.  Wow!  Was this the longest day of my life or what??!!  So, finally, after 7 grueling hours, we finally met up after work for the big reveal.  We headed to the mall and each picked out an outfit from Janie & Jack (me a girl outfit, and Greg a boy).  The nice ladies in the store took our envelope and wrapped the correct gender outfit without us knowing, and off to dinner we went!

Shopping for Coco!

At dinner, Greg did the honors since it was his birthday.  And guess what....It's....A...


Little Smith's outfit and the slip of paper from the ultrasound
The sweet lady at the store had even wrote us a nice note

So, after a few happy tears, lots of phone calls, and even more texts, we finally enjoyed our steak dinner :-)  Eating wasn't quite our priority tonight!  We even got around to celebrating Greg's birthday with a big slab of chocolate cake (sure made Mommy happy).

After dinner, we ran by my parents (Granna & Granddad) to get Greg's final birthday present from me (I was hiding it over there).  So, we finally topped his day off with a brand new shotgun, just in time for Texas Dove season!  Although, I'm not sure anything to could top off his little BOY!

Daddy with his new toy!

So, needless to say, this was a birthday neither of us will EVER forget!  We are beyond excited about our little man!  And I cannot wait to share more about him as February gets closer!

Finally, here are a few cute ones of Little Man!  Can you tell he's already got his Mama wrapped around his finger??  I can see a lot of Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails in our future!!

Already handsome like his Daddy!

And who could resist these baby legs??

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day on LBJ

Hey Everyone!  Sorry for the delayed Labor Day post.  I meant to do it this week, but of course, life got in the way.  Then this weekend has been chalk-full of birthday celebrations (more to come on that later).  

Anyways, last weekend, my whole family headed to Kingsland, TX (outside of Marble Falls) to Lake LBJ for some fun family time on my Dad's boat.  The house my sister, Jill, found was just precious! I hate that I didn't get more pictures of the inside, but check out this link to Turtle Rock Lakehouse to see it in all of its cuteness!  The owner is apparently an interior decorator and her shabby chic touch really shows!  I need to get her to come to my house ;-)

The weekend was full of lots of relaxing & fishing (both of the nieces caught their first fish).

And lots of lake time!

Granna & Claire enjoying the wind at their faces

Me & Greg
Little Miss Kate getting swallowed by her life vest

Me & in the sun!

Most everyone, with the exception of pregnant ole me, enjoyed some water sports.  Claire and Kate always enjoy tubing, and Greg & Jill both tried their hand at knee boarding.  Greg also brushed up on his water skiing skills and we even got my Dad out there to realize you never forget how to water ski (even 30+ years later!).  I have to say, I was quite impressed with Dad!  Pretty good skier for a Granddad!

Back at the house, we quickly met the neighbor's dog, Buddy.  He was such a sweet dog and reminded me a lot of Miss Prissy!  Claire was in love with him and it was apparent that Buddy knew when to sense a meal going on in our house.  He had quite the timing!

If you have not been to Lake LBJ, I highly recommend it!  The lake is beautiful, and there is some amazing real estate on the water!  I could have easily picked my dream home, checkbook permitting, of course!

Gorgeous homes on the lake...its hard to tell from the action photo, but the house on the bottom left has a waterslide  going from the top floor patio to the pool out back!

Our last night at the lake, we drove to Llano, TX to try out Cooper's BBQ.  I had heard of Cooper's in the Josh Abbott song, "You Ain't Met my Texas Yet", so I knew it must be good.  And boy was it!  

When you arrive at Cooper's, you choose your meat(s) right off the pit.  Then head inside to pick out your sides.  They had to have had the thickest pork chops I have ever seen in my life!

Finally, we topped off our meal with some yummy cobbler...a Texas dessert tradition for sure!  

Needless to say, we all felt miserably full after enjoying our Cooper's meal, but it was well worth the trip!  

Me & the girls at Cooper's

Everyone enjoyed a much needed relaxation weekend and we can't wait to go out and enjoy Dad's boat again soon!  Maybe next time will be Baby Smith's first time on the lake next summer!!

Simply Smith

The Mr. & Mrs.


Miss Prissy

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