Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Half Way There!!

Well, this week marks the half way point to parenthood!  Wow!  I cannot believe we're already halfway through this pregnancy.  The first trimester was so slow...then while we waited to find out the gender, time drug on even more.  But now that we know that our baby is a BOY, time seems to be flying by! 

Excuse the tired look on my face...almost forgot to take the picture until late at night!

How far along -  20 weeks, 3 days
Size -  Baby Smith is about the weight of a mango and the length of a banana...about 10 inches long.  It's hard to believe he's more than doubled in size in a month.
Maternity clothes - Definitely in all maternity pants!  There are still a few pre-pregnancy shirts I can incorporate into the wardrobe, but I've been wearing more and more maternity shirts.  Greg laughs because I've been digging into his t-shirts to sleep in at night.  They're just much more comfy!

Weight gain - At 18 weeks, the doctor's scale says I'd gained 9 lbs.  Mine says a few more, but I'll take hers :-)
Stretch marks - Looking good so far! 

Sleep - Well, the good news is that the 2am bathroom breaks have subsided.  Bad news is that I'm having trouble sleeping on my side.  I did buy a "pregnancy wedge" this past weekend, so that has been a big help!

Movement - YES!  I love feeling that little guy do flips in there!  It's a bazaar feeling, but I look forward to feeling those "bubbles" on a daily basis.  I feel him a lot more at night when I lay down to go to sleep.

Food I'm loving - I'm still a fan of beef, but I have been adding in more chicken now that the aversion has subsided.  Bad news is that I'm having a hard time passing up the Halloween candy.  Oops!

Food I'm hating - I really haven't been too picky lately.

Symptoms -Feeling great!  I have been getting sharp ligament pains in my belly, but those are good...means he's growing!

Gender - IT'S A BOY!!  I'm so happy to know about our little guy and look forward to planning his nursery!

What I'm looking forward to - Picking out the bedding for Little Man's nursery!  I've started to plan and hopefully will order it within the week.  Good news is that he'll have a place to sleep.  His furniture is officially on order!

What I miss - Not really missing much these days.  I still wish I could do a regular work out, but I'm managing to adapt to at least burn a few calories.

Emotions -I have to say they are a little more in check...BUT...I did have a good cry during "What to Expect when You're Expecting".  Yes, I know it's supposed to be a comedy, but there should honestly be a warning label for pregnant women.  Go rent it and you'll see what I mean :-)

All in all, month 4 was a great one!  A lot happened and now there is so much to look forward to as we plan plan plan for our little guy's arrival and enjoy some cooler weather around here!


Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

so exciting! Being a boy mom myself I must say boys really are so much fun and there is no love like a boy has for his momma! Congrats girl!!

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