Monday, November 19, 2012

Naming Babies


Okay, okay, I confess... So we've had our Baby Boy named for quite a while.  But I figured since the nursery is finally coming together and I want to share it soon, then why not share our son's name also.  I would love to call him by name on here.
I told Greg when we got pregnant that I really wanted a boy and girl name picked out for the day we found out the gender.  I just hate the idea of calling them by "it" or, in our case, "Coco".  I loved Coco, but it also had a very feminine ring to it, so if the baby was a boy, he couldn't be "Coco" for long.  Over the years, I've always had baby name "favorites", but as time goes on, my taste changed, names got too popular, and of coures, I had to share the naming duties with my dear hubby.  Greg actually was very easy going when it came to baby names.  His only request was that in the case of it being a boy, he wanted a "strong southern name".  And I agreed!  Nothing like working to raise a Little Gentleman :-)
We had agreed immediately that if he was a boy, we would use Greg's mother's maiden name as a middle, and if it was a girl, we would use my middle name.  My niece has my mother's maiden name as a middle and I love the tradition of honoring someone in that manner.  Luckily, my mother-in-law has a great name to use as a middle!
As for the first name, its amazing the things that go through your mind when you are thinking of baby names.  I thought of whether or not I could imagine a grown man in the business world with that name, what his initials would spell (I've seen some epic fails in that department), and whether or not mean little 6th grade boys would find a way to butcher his name and make fun of him.  I even Googled the front-runner names to make sure there were not death row inmates or adult film stars with that name...haha!
So, after much consideration and thought, we would like to introduce to you, the soon to debut in early 2013....Mister
Greg and I are so pleased with his name and have been blessed with wonderful feedback from our friends and family!  Although we have not met our little guy yet, I have a feeling his name will suit him perfectly!


K&M Mommy said...

What a great name! You guys are so sweet and cute and I couldn't be happier for you! Congrats

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