Monday, December 17, 2012

Down to Single Digits!! 8 month update

  Eight weeks left!  Can you believe it?  Because I can't! This past month was busy with Babymooning, a baby shower, newborn care class, Christmas shopping, and swelling :-)
Dressed up ready for the Christmas party
How far along -  32 weeks, 1 day
Size -  Baby Smith is about the size of a jimaca...anyone know what that is?  Google it...I had to.
Maternity clothes - Oh yeah, and getting rather tired of them.

Weight gain -Still on track according to my doctor.  But feeling every bit as big as I look :-/

Stretch marks -Thankful for none!

Sleep - Well, I've been sleeping okay.  I can't get as comfy as I'd like to and usually only wake up about once.  Now, I wish I could say the same thing for hubby.  I've found him on the couch a couple mornings.  Apparently the 3rd trimester has also made me snore like a truck driver.  Tonight I'm trying Breathe Right strips which were recommended by a neighbor.
Movement -Oh yes!  He's very active at night and the movements are more slow and deliberate now.  I love it and can't wait to start seeing movement on the outside.

Food I'm loving -Any Christmas yummies the subcontractors drop off at the office.  Can you say "sweet tooth"??

Food I'm hating -Anything that give me heartburn.  Oh all gives me heartburn.

Symptoms - Heartburn and swelling.  I'm on major water patrol, trying to keep my feet looking healthy.  And the strangest symptom that's popped up...achy hands and fingers.  I feel like a 75 year old with arthritis.  But apparently it's normal...

Gender - IT'S A BOY! Rhett Warren :-)

What I'm looking forward to - Christmas & New Years!  It's weird to think this is our last holiday season without a child, but I cannot wait until next year to celebrate with our little man!

What I miss - I still miss being able to be on my feet more.  It's really made Christmas shopping challenging.  I don't know what I would have done without the internet. 

Emotions - I have been getting a little emotional thinking about Rhett's birth and having all of our family there.  Tonight we toured the maternity ward and I honestly teared up thinking about the next time I'd be in one of those rooms and the happiness that our families would feel :-) 


Kristy Goldman said...

I was the queen of swelling. It IS painful! I told everyone I felt like I had arthritis - it was hard to even make a fist by the end. Luckily it goes away VERY quickly after birth. Hang in there.

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