Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Smith's Southern Comfort Babymoon- Part 2

Well, we said goodbye to Charleston on Sunday and headed south to Savannah, Georgia!  On the way out of town, we caught sight of a street that we, of course, had to take a picture of!

Paying homage to our Baby Boy

We arrived at the beautiful Westin Savannah Riverfront and were greeted with their beautiful Christmas decorations.  They were even displaying an amazing gingerbread house competition.

Westin's Christmas tree, Gingerbread Houses, & the cute ferry to cross the Savannah River

That night, we were starving but pretty tired from traveling, so we crossed the river, caught a few late night sights and grabbed a pizza and then headed to bed early.

River Street, Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons Restaurant, and Greg waiting for his pizza pie

Monday morning, we took a "hop on, hop off" trolley ride through town and caught some of the beautiful architecture that Savannah had to offer.  For lunch, we had planned to stop off at Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House.  Mrs. Wilkes' restaurant really started off as a true boarding house, but as her food became so popular and Savannah residents were waiting by the back door for leftovers, she turned it into a family style restaurant.  They are only opened for lunch and it's first come, first served until the southern delicacies run out.  So, per Trip Advisor, we were in line by 10:45!  Once inside, we sat family style and dined on fried chicken, beef stew, pulled pork and about 15 different side items.  Wow was it good!  Then somehow, we managed to find room for a cup of banana pudding.  

Me waiting for Mrs. Wilkes' to open, the bench from "Forest Gump", The Mercer Home (home in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil"), another view of Mrs. Wilkes', and "The Pirate House"

After lunch, we definitely needed to do some walking, so we headed back to a few sites we had seen on the trolley tour.  First stop was a beautiful park that had a memorial statue to the Confederate soldiers.  Then we stopped in front of a beautiful fountain that our tour guide had told us was actually purchased out of a Sears catalog (who would have thought?).  Finally, after much walking, sightseeing and shopping, we stopped off at Leopold's Ice Cream Parlor for a little bit of ice cream. 

Some of our sightseeing and me taking the proverbial "Pregnant girl in front of the ice cream store" picture :-)
For our last night in Savannah, we made reservations at the Olde Pink House.  The home was built in 1771 by one of the wealthiest Americans at the time.  It has since been converted into a restaurant and the service and food were amazing!

Ready for dinner

On our final morning, I was treated to a fabulous prenatal massage at the Westin spa (why have I not been getting these weekly??).  Then we packed up and headed out.  But before we went to the airport, we stopped off at the Old Fort Jackson, Georgia's oldest standing brick fort which was used during the Civil War.  Unfortunately, it was drizzling rain and being a Tuesday, there were not many tourists, so we were pretty much on our own as far as tours go.  I didn't get many great pictures, but it was pretty cool to see the history of the fort.  

Greg & I truly enjoyed our little "escape" before Rhett arrives!  We were able to relax, eat great meals, get in touch with our southern heritage, and just spend time with each other.  We are so thankful we were able to have this opportunity before the Little Man gets here!


Myrna Wilson said...

This is such a sweet babymoon-and the city is of special meaning to us since our little one is named Savannah Jean. Her daddy is extremely southern. .

Hope we get to take her once we move back to the States.

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