Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nursery Reveal...and a bit of Nesting

I may be nearing the end of my pregnancy, but I really haven't slowed down much.  Greg and I have spent the last few weekends "nesting" (i.e. cleaning and de-cluttering) and working on a couple Pinterest projects.  While it's been fun, my body had definitely paid for it.  My doctor even asked me if I could cut back my in office hours and luckily, I have a very understanding boss who quickly obliged.  So, starting yesterday, I've began working a few hours from home each day with my feet propped up.

So, as for this "nesting"...I had pinned a project on Pinterest that I really wanted Greg to help with...eh hem, I mean do the entire thing.  Well, this led to me "re-decorating" the laundry room...because that's what everybody does when they're 38 weeks pregnant...decorate their laundry room!  But I digress.  Greg's project, a beadboard drying rack, turned out perfectly!  Then, with my trusty Silhouette machine, I cut vinyl letters for over the washer and dryer.  I just love the way it turned out!

I also attempted to do a "Freezer Meal Boot Camp" that I also pinned from a fellow blogger, Leslie.  Of the 11 meals, I managed to crank out 8 meals and if I'm still pregnant this weekend, I may attempt the last three.  I figured these may be great to have on hand on those sleep-deprived days when I just can't fathom cooking a meal, or maybe even when I go back to work and am adjusting to being a working-mommy.

On another note, I realized I had never shared the final nursery pictures!  There is still one thing I'm waiting on to put the icing on the "nursery cake", but it may not arrive until after Rhett makes his debut.  When I found out I was having a boy, I knew immediately the palette I wanted to do for his room...navy & lime green.  I knew these colors were not too "babyish" and he could definitely grow into them.  I also did not have my heart set on a theme, per se, so I kept with the color palette alone.  And I'm so excited with how it all turned out...perfectly preppy!

Here is his bedding.  Of course, I plan on removing the bumper as soon as he begins sleeping in there, but it just looks too darned cute all put together.  The rocking horse was mine and my sister's when we were toddlers.  Greg and I made the framed monogram above the bed.  It was a vision I had and my great hubby was wonderful enough to help me see it through!

 His changing table will convert to a dresser and mirror once he is potty trained.  

 His rocker was gifted to us from my sister.  It used to be pink and was used for both of her girls.  I can't wait to rock my sweet boy there!

Here is the bookshelf that Greg & his brother, Geoff, made for Rhett.  It's a perfect place for all his books and toys and is definitely a special piece of furniture since it was made with love.  The little rocking chair was mine as a kid and I hope Rhett will find it to be the perfect place for him to sit in his room and read a couple books.

 And finally, a couple close up details of the decorations :-)  

So, from the looks of it, all we need is a baby to bring home!  Hope you enjoyed the quick tour of Rhett's humble abode!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Once Upon a Baby Shower

Yesterday, my sweet neighbors threw Rhett the cutest "Once Upon A Time" Storybook Baby Shower.  The details were adorable and it was so wonderful to spend time celebrating Rhett with my neighborhood gals, friends and family.  A lot of these ladies play in our bunco group and we are definitely having a baby boom among us!  Rhett will be the 3rd of 5 babies to be born between October and May (4 of those are confirmed baby boys!).  We're working on our tee-ball team in the neighborhood!  Rhett cannot wait to play with Babies Cole, Eli, Connor and Baby Brinkley (to be named soon).

The amazing hostesses, Leigh, Jodi & Krista

All of the guests were so thoughtful and brought Rhett books to go in his personal library.  He received some of the great classics, along with a few new ones I hadn't read yet.

Loved the storybook decor!

Rhett got so many goodies at this shower!  We could not be more appreciative of everyone's thoughfulness!

I was so glad that my nieces, Kate & Claire, could come to this shower.  These two little girls are so excited about the arrival of their new cousin, Rhett!  They are always giving him kisses and talking to him.  I just can't wait to see them when he actually arrives!

Giving Rhett some sugar

My sweet girls

This was such a wonderful weekend celebrating Rhett's arrival one last time!   Now it's time to organize all of his stuff, rest up, and wait for him to make his appearance!  Eeeek!  So excited!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Almost" Full Term

Well, ladies & gents...we've made it to 9 months!  Seems like the fastest 9 months of my life, but I can definitely say I am more than ready to meet my little man.  I cannot believe that in the next 5 weeks, we will have a baby!  This past month has been full of holiday celebrations, baby showers and finishing up all the final baby details.  I'm really looking forward to the slow pace of the next few weeks.  Time to kick up my feet and wait for labor to kick in!  Bring it on!  

How far along -  36 weeks, 2 day
Size -  Baby Smith is about the size of a watermelon.  Uh oh!  That means we're getting close!
Maternity clothes - Oh yeah, had to splurge on some winter ones to get me through these Houston cold spurts.

Weight gain -Ugh!  Doctor says I'm good, but I'm feeling rather "whale-ish"

Stretch marks -Thankfully none.

Sleep - Sore subject...  between the snoring and the swelling, I've spent quite a few nights on our couch.  Strangely enough, Greg and I both have been more comfortable that way and I've been able to elevate my feet.  But I'm back to being up about 3 times per night to go to the potty.  Fun stuff!
Movement -I can tell Rhett's running out of room.  I feel a lot of slow movements and kicks in the ribs since he's definitely head down now.

Food I'm loving - Anything but in small quantities.  I think there isn't much room for food anymore in there!

Food I'm hating -Not a whole lot

Symptoms - Still dealing with the heartburn, swelling and joint pain.  I have a feeling this will be continual until he gets here.  But now I'm having a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen because I'm assuming he's prepping for his grand entrance.  My doctor says it's a good thing!

Gender - IT'S A BOY! Rhett Warren :-)

What I'm looking forward to - GIVING BIRTH!!  Yes, I can finally say that!  We're finished with our showers and have all the "necessities", so I can officially have this baby.  And I can't wait!

What I miss - I still miss non-sore feet and I definitely miss a good nights sleep.  But from what I hear, those are a thing of the past.  I think I can get used to it.

Emotions -Anything that I read or hear about regarding a baby being born gets me teary-eyed.  I love reading other people's birth stories, but I can hardly get through them without welling up!

On a final note, we got to see Rhett this past week for a 35 week photo session!  It was so exciting to see him growing and know that everything is going well in there.  I guess the next picture of him will be of him in the "real world"!

Aren't I handsome???

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Showering Baby Rhett

Last Sunday, Rhett and I were honored to be showered again by a wonderful group of ladies!  Many of these ladies came to my baby shower when I was born.  Needless to say, they have been in our lives for a long time!  The hostesses, Glenda, Owana, Karla & Haley, went above and beyond to make everything so nice!  The decorations were precious and the food was delicious!

Me with my hostesses...Thank you ladies!!

Rhett received so many wonderful gifts.  Its hard to believe how spoiled this little man already is and he's not even here yet :-)  

It was such a wonderful day celebrating with a special group of women.  We cannot be more grateful for everything!

Me with my Mom & Sister, Jill

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rhett's Baby Shower- Round Deux

This post is very delayed but I'm finally finding some time to catch up on blogging.  At the beginning of December, some of my sweet friends and family went in to throw me and Mr. Rhett a wonderful "Red Wagon" themed baby shower.  It was great to see so many great friends!  The shower was perfect and we were spoiled very much by everyone who attended.  We couldn't be more thankful!

Yummy Shower Food Spread
Katie made this precious diaper cake

The Lovely hostesses, Katie, Liz, Jill, Kristina & Laura
All Rhett's goodies
Granna had a hat made for Rhett to wear in the hospital
My Aggie gals, Melissa, Tiffani & Britney!  We have 6 boys between the 4 of us, and there is finally a girl on the way!  Miss Presley is due just a week or so after Rhett
Me with CiCi and Rhett's aunts, Raquel & Laura
Me with Granna & Aunt Jill
Claire & Kate helped "babysit" Miss Lina during the shower
Thank you to all of the hostesses for the time and effort that went into planning this special shower!  Greg and I could not be more thankful!  We cannot wait for Rhett to get here to meet you all and use all his new toys!

Simply Smith

The Mr. & Mrs.


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