Monday, January 14, 2013

Once Upon a Baby Shower

Yesterday, my sweet neighbors threw Rhett the cutest "Once Upon A Time" Storybook Baby Shower.  The details were adorable and it was so wonderful to spend time celebrating Rhett with my neighborhood gals, friends and family.  A lot of these ladies play in our bunco group and we are definitely having a baby boom among us!  Rhett will be the 3rd of 5 babies to be born between October and May (4 of those are confirmed baby boys!).  We're working on our tee-ball team in the neighborhood!  Rhett cannot wait to play with Babies Cole, Eli, Connor and Baby Brinkley (to be named soon).

The amazing hostesses, Leigh, Jodi & Krista

All of the guests were so thoughtful and brought Rhett books to go in his personal library.  He received some of the great classics, along with a few new ones I hadn't read yet.

Loved the storybook decor!

Rhett got so many goodies at this shower!  We could not be more appreciative of everyone's thoughfulness!

I was so glad that my nieces, Kate & Claire, could come to this shower.  These two little girls are so excited about the arrival of their new cousin, Rhett!  They are always giving him kisses and talking to him.  I just can't wait to see them when he actually arrives!

Giving Rhett some sugar

My sweet girls

This was such a wonderful weekend celebrating Rhett's arrival one last time!   Now it's time to organize all of his stuff, rest up, and wait for him to make his appearance!  Eeeek!  So excited!!


southerninspiration said...

You look so pretty!! Wow, you're going to have a baby so soon!!! Hope you are feeling well, and I look forward to pics!!!

Lindsey said...

Hi Lindsey! I'm a new follower. Looks like you've had some nice showers. You look awesome! Have a great day!


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