Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rhett's 3 Month Update

Oh, Rhett!  My little cowboy, Mr. Man, Rhettski!  I can't believe you are a quarter of a year old!  I know it's so cliche, but where has the time gone??  

This has been a big month for you.  I haven't weighed you lately, but I think you are well over 14 lbs.  You are wearing size 1 diapers, but I think your days are numbered on those, so I'm not buying them in bulk.  You know who your Mommy and Daddy are and smile back at us all the time and laugh at us when we act silly.  You really love listening to music and it seems to calm you down when you are upset.  Lately, you enjoy napping in your swing (which you weren't a fan of at first) and sitting in your Bumbo chair.  You're sleeping at least 8 hours every night (with the occasional mid-night wake up) and this makes Mommy very happy.  We've stopped swaddling your arms at night and it doesn't seem to bother you at all...still sleeping like a champ!

This biggest milestone this month was that you started SCHOOL!  Mommy had to go back to work, so we faced the bittersweet day of taking you to school to meet new friends.  Although it's only the first week, you have seemed to have adapted very well and we couldn't be happier with your teachers.  I know you are going to meet so many friends there and make many memories.

 I managed to get you to the photographer last week for your 3 month pictures.  They were running a little behind so we almost missed the infant "window of opportunity" but were able to get a few great ones of your sweet little face!

As I look back at these pictures, I cannot get over how much you have grown!  You are becoming such a handsome boy and I love watching you grow every day (but feel free to slow it down a little)! 


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He is simply adorable!

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