Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Magical Montreal...Top Advisors Conference

I am so proud of Greg for qualifying for his company's Top Advisor Conference for the fourth time!  I was fortunate enough to travel with him to Maui last year where we brought home an extra special souvenir!

This year, we left our little Coconut home with the Grandparents and headed off to "Magical" Montreal for the conference and some much needed R&R!  Montreal was so beautiful and historical.  There are so many parts that look like they were plucked right out of Europe (or so it seems from the pictures).  I loved the Parisian influences and loved hearing the locals speak their native language.  

Before the conference started, we spent a little time sightseeing and checked out their casino.  Greg, my little gambler, was none too impressed with their casino...let's just say it's nothing like Vegas.  We also saw the gorgeous Notre Dame Basilica, where Celine Dion was married.

Beautiful Notre Dame

When the conference started, they made sure to treat us to a great time!  We started off the weekend with a Montreal themed party complete with caricature artists, a photo booth, and a race car simulator...along with great music and food.  For the record, I took a lot of iPhone pictures at the events which meant lots of "selfies" in the hotel room before we left :-)

Greg & I getting our caricature done and Greg checking out the race car simulator
 The next night, we went out to a wonderful dinner with his region and then out on the town.

On the last day, we went on a biking tour of Montreal.  What a great way to see the city (and get a little exercise in the process)!  There was so much history to take in and we enjoyed biking about 10 miles throughout the city.

That night, we attended the awards gala.  It was a wonderful event to wrap a great weekend and honor a talented group of financial advisers. 


Congratulations Boys!!

Your Ladies are Proud of you!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rhett's 5 month update

Okay, okay...time, you can officially slow down now!  How is it even possible that my little man is 5 months old??  Well, more like 5 months, 1 week, but I'm a little behind on blogging.  This past month has been a big one!  

We now have a roller, even though some times he doesn't realize he's even doing it.  It seems like when he attempts to roll over (awake) that darned arm gets in the way.  I know he'll have it before long though. 

Rhett also started trying solid foods recently!   It has been so fun to see the reaction he has new flavors.  So far he's loving sweet peas, squash, and carrots.  The green beans seem to leave a lot to be desired.

This month, Rhett also enjoyed an extended stay away from Mommy and Daddy while we were in Montreal (more on that later).  He loved going to stay at CiCi and Grandpa's for a few days and even got to squeeze in an overnight stay at Granna and Grandad's!  Plenty of fun was had by Little Man.  I don't even think he realized we were gone between all the swimming, swinging, and playing with his cousin, Megan!  Thanks Grandparents for taking good care of our boy while we were gone!

Finally, Rhett is so close to getting this sitting up thing!  He loves to sit up like a big boy and play with his steering wheel (thank you CiCi!).  I just know as soon as he gets good at sitting up, he'll be crawling before we know it!

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