Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to the Beach

Last weekend, we packed the truck to the brim with suntan oil and lawn chairs (and a slew of baby products) and headed to Port Aransas, Texas to enjoy the Texas beaches.  This was Rhett's first trip to the beach but we knew he would love it since he enjoys the outdoors so much.  The beach bums included us, Greg's best friend, Terrence, and his wife, Terrence's family, Greg's family (including CiCi and Grandpa), and lots of other friends!  The house we stayed in was wonderful!!  It slept 26 people (WOW), had its own private swimming pool, and was just a hop skip & a jump to the beach.

The first day we arrived, we settled in and took a dip in the pool while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Rhett hanging out with Honey & Pops (Vicky & Dale) and Aunt Laura

Family Pool Photo

Friday we got up and headed down to the beach.  Organizing 18 people and all their "stuff" to go to the beach is quite a task.  The weather was absolutely perfect and we loved hanging at the beach!

Me & my Beach Boy

Beach fun!
After we tired out at the beach, we all headed back to the house for some more pool time.

LOVE the picture with Grandpa in the top corner.

Saturday, some of us ladies were escorted by Mr. Rhett for some shopping.  Then we headed back to the house to join the rest of the crew for more fun in the sun.

Rhett being such a good shopper with Mr. Sombrero Man

Terrence & Kristina, Brooke & Heath, Meredith & Heath, and Geoff & Laura

My little family!
David figured out that Rhett's float doubles as a hat!
That night, everyone showered up and headed to the marina to see Larry Joe Taylor in concert.  Rhett & I joined everyone for dinner, but headed home before the loud music started to meet Little Man's bed time.

Rhett with Grandpa & CiCi
Me & my Little Man

What a fun weekend with great friends and family!  Our family will treasure the memories we made forever and we can't wait to bring Rhett back to enjoy the beach very soon!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lake Sam Rayburn

A few weeks ago, Greg, Rhett and I hit the road to east Texas to meet my family at Lake Sam Rayburn.  Our family friends, The Jones', were sweet enough to loan us their beautiful lake house for the weekend.  What a treat it was!  The view of the lake was gorgeous and they even have a little beach to enjoy at the edge of the lake's waters.  Perfect for the kiddos!!  After the sun went down, we enjoyed the low(er) temperatures by sipping wine on the back porch and being entertained by two little blonde performers.

The first afternoon, we enjoyed the "beach" and waiting for the whole crew to get there.  Rhett even learned how great a beach nap can be!

Love the sweet picture of Greg & Kate, connected by the "noodle"
Do these girls have their Uncle Greg wrapped around their finger or what??
The second day, we took my Dad's boat out on the lake for some fun water sports.  I think motherhood had made me a big ole chicken because tubing is about as adventurous as I get these days.

That night, we went over to the country club for dinner.  The views of the golf course were gorgeous so we took advantage an got some great pictures.  Unfortunately, Mr. Rhett was feeling a little under the weather so we didn't get many smiles out of him.

Jill, Tommy, Claire & Kate
Our little family

Rhett's 6 Month Update

Happy Half Birthday, Mr. Rhett!

 I can't believe our little guy is half way through his first year!!??  Six months old??!!  Why is this year flying by?

What a big month it has been for Rhett!  He has definitely hit some major milestones this past month.  He took 2 road trips and got to enjoy the beautiful waters that Texas has to offer.  And boy does our guy love the outdoors!  Rhett has started rolling like crazy and most mornings when I go get him, he has been sleeping on his belly.  He's also gotten good at sitting up on his own, unsupported.  It makes it nice because he can sit on the floor and enjoy all his toys.

Rhett has been enjoying lots of baby foods!  Until today, I could say that there wasn't a food that he didn't like.  But it looks like he's acquired his Daddy's distaste for avocado.  The mashed up goodness made him literally gag!  Poor thing.  I'm thinking it may have been a texture thing since the avocado was a little chunkier than the normal purees.  Maybe guacamole will grow on him ;-)

Overall, it has been a fun month!  Mr. Rhett is truly getting such a personality and seems to have a great disposition!  Rhett, your little smile brings me joy every day and I love you to pieces!!

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