Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rhett's 6 Month Update

Happy Half Birthday, Mr. Rhett!

 I can't believe our little guy is half way through his first year!!??  Six months old??!!  Why is this year flying by?

What a big month it has been for Rhett!  He has definitely hit some major milestones this past month.  He took 2 road trips and got to enjoy the beautiful waters that Texas has to offer.  And boy does our guy love the outdoors!  Rhett has started rolling like crazy and most mornings when I go get him, he has been sleeping on his belly.  He's also gotten good at sitting up on his own, unsupported.  It makes it nice because he can sit on the floor and enjoy all his toys.

Rhett has been enjoying lots of baby foods!  Until today, I could say that there wasn't a food that he didn't like.  But it looks like he's acquired his Daddy's distaste for avocado.  The mashed up goodness made him literally gag!  Poor thing.  I'm thinking it may have been a texture thing since the avocado was a little chunkier than the normal purees.  Maybe guacamole will grow on him ;-)

Overall, it has been a fun month!  Mr. Rhett is truly getting such a personality and seems to have a great disposition!  Rhett, your little smile brings me joy every day and I love you to pieces!!


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