Saturday, October 12, 2013

Eight Months Old

Eight months old!  I can't believe it!  This has definitely been the fastest year of my life!  Rhett has changed so much in the past couple months (sorry for missing his 7 month update).  

He's trying so hard to crawl, but mostly is scooting backwards.  I have a feeling he is going to be crawling around here in no time!  His personality is definitely coming out too.  I L-O-V-E our time together first thing in the morning.  He is definitely his mom's child when it comes to being a morning person!  He is so smiley and we spend our mornings laughing and playing together.  BIG NEWS...we have a TOOTH!  Just this week, that bottom chomper started poking through.  And luckily, he hasn't had any of the bad teething symptoms (knock on wood!).  This milestone makes me a little sad baby is growing up (tear)!

Sorry for the slicked back hair...these were taken right after bath time 

You can tell from these pictures, Mr. Man does not like to sit still these days.  Pictures are most definitely more challenging these days to say the least.  Rhett will continue enjoying these fall days and college football weekends.  The first birthday plans are already underway!  It'll be here before we know it!!


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